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  The 1,000-Year Plan (Foundation)   Isaac Asimov   Ace   1955   BUY
  The 13th Immortal   Robert Silverberg   Ace   1957   BUY
  2nd Foundation: Galactic Empire   Isaac Asimov   Avon   1953   BUY
  5 Tales From Tomorrow   T.E. Dikty   Fawcett Crest   1957   BUY
  Adventures in the Far Future   Donald A. Wollheim   Ace   1954   BUY
  Adventures in Time and Space   Raymond J. Healy and J. Francis McComas   Pennant   1954   BUY
  Adventures on Other Planets   Donald A. Wollheim   Ace   1955   BUY
  Away and Beyond   A.E. Van Vogt   Berkley   1959   BUY
  The Best From Fantasy and Science Fiction Sixth Series   Anthony Boucher   Ace   1957   BUY
  BR-R-R-!   Groff Conklin   Avon   1959   BUY
  Brain Wave   Poul Anderson   Ballantine   1954   BUY
  The Case Against Tomorrow   Frederik Pohl   Ballantine   1956   BUY
  The Changeling Worlds   Kenneth Bulmer   Ace   1959   BUY
  City   Clifford D. Simak   Ace   1952   BUY
  The City and the Stars   Arthur C. Clarke   Signet   1957   BUY
  City at World's End   Edmond Hamilton   Fawcett Crest   1951   BUY
  Conquest of the Space Sea   Robert Moore Williams   Ace   1955   BUY
  Contraband Rocket   Lee Correy   Ace   1956   BUY
  The Deep Range   Arthur C. Clarke   Signet   1958   BUY
  The Demolished Man   Alfred Bester   Signet   1959   BUY
  The Demolished Man   Alfred Bester   Signet   1954   BUY
  Destination Infinity   Henry Kuttner   Avon   1956   BUY
  Destination: Universe   A.E. Van Vogt   Signet   1958   BUY
  Doomsday Morning   C.L. Moore   Avon   1957   BUY
  Double Star   Robert A. Heinlein   Signet   1957   BUY
  The Earth in Peril   Donald A. Wollheim   Ace   1957   BUY
  Empire of the Atom   A.E. Van Vogt   Ace   1957   BUY
  The Enemy Stars   Poul Anderson   Berkley   1959   BUY
  Expedition to Earth   Arthur C. Clarke   Ballantine   1953   BUY
  The Forgotten Planet   Murray Leinster   Ace   1954   BUY
  Four from Planet 5   Murray Leinster   Fawcett Gold Medal   1959   BUY
  From the Earth to the Moon   Jules Verne   Crest   1958   BUY
  Frontiers In Space   Everett F. Bleiler and T.E. Dikty   Bantam   1955   BUY
  The Galactic Breed   Leigh Brackett   Ace   1952   BUY
  Galactic Cluster   James Blish   Signet   1959   BUY
  The Golden Apples of the Sun   Ray Bradbury   Bantam   1954   BUY
  The Green Odyssey   Philip Jose Farmer   Ballantine   1957   BUY
  The Hidden Planet   Donald A. Wollheim   Ace   1959   BUY
  I, Robot   Isaac Asimov   Signet   1956   BUY
  Invaders of Earth   Groff Conklin   Pocket Books   1955   BUY
  A Journey To The Center Of The Earth   Jules Verne   Ace   1956   BUY
  Man of Earth   Algis Budrys   Ballantine   1955   BUY
  The Man Who Sold the Moon   Robert A. Heinlein   Signet   1959   BUY
  The Man Who Upset the Universe (Foundation and Empire)   Isaac Asimov   Ace   1955   BUY
  The Martian Chronicles   Ray Bradbury   Bantam   1954   BUY
  The Martian Way And Other Stories   Isaac Asimov   Signet   1957   BUY
  Mission to the Stars (The Mixed Men)   A.E. Van Vogt   Berkley   1955   BUY
  Mission: Interplanetary   A.E. Van Vogt   Signet   1952   BUY
  The Moon Pool   A. Merritt   Avon   1956   BUY
  More Adventures In Time And Space   Raymond J. Healy and J. Francis McComas   Bantam   1955   BUY
  The Mutant Weapon   Murray Leinster   Ace   1959   BUY
  Nerves   Lester del Rey   Ballantine   1956   BUY
  No World of Their Own   Poul Anderson   Ace   1955   BUY
  One Against Herculum   Jerry Sohl   Ace   1959   BUY
  One in 300   J.T. McIntosh   Ace   1954   BUY
  Operation: Outer Space   Murray Leinster   Signet   1957   BUY
  The Other Side of the Sky   Arthur C. Clarke   Signet   1959   BUY
  The Outer Reaches   August Derleth   Berkley   1951   BUY
  Outpost Mars   Cyril Judd and C.M. Kornbluth and Judith Merril  Dell   1952   BUY
  Pebble in the Sky   Isaac Asimov   Galaxy Science Fiction   1953   BUY
  The Pirates of Zan   Murray Leinster   Ace   1959   BUY
  Plague Ship   Andre Norton   Ace   1959   BUY
  The Planet Explorer   Murray Leinster   Avon   1957   BUY
  Planet of the Dreamers   John D. MacDonald   Pocket Books   1953   BUY
  The Plot Against Earth   Calvin M. Knox   Ace   1959   BUY
  Possible Worlds of Science Fiction   Groff Conklin   Berkley   1955   BUY
  Prelude to Space   Arthur C. Clarke   Ballantine   1954   BUY
  Reach for Tomorrow   Arthur C. Clarke   Ballantine   1956   BUY
  Recruit for Andromeda   Milton Lesser   Ace   1959   BUY
  Red Alert   Peter Bryant   Ace   1958   BUY
  The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects   Edward J. Ruppelt   Ace   1956   BUY
  Robots and Changelings   Lester del Rey   Ballantine   1957   BUY
  Sands of Mars   Arthur C. Clarke   Perma   1959   BUY
  Satellite E One   Jeffery Lloyd Castle   Bantam   1958   BUY
  Science-Fiction Thinking Machines   Groff Conklin   Bantam   1955   BUY
  Search the Sky   Frederik Pohl and C.M. Kornbluth  Ballantine   1954   BUY
  Secret of the Lost Race   Andre Norton   Ace   1959   BUY
  SF The Year's Greatest Science-Fiction and Fantasy   Judith Merril   Dell   1958   BUY
  SF The Year's Greatest Science-Fiction and Fantasy   Judith Merril   Dell   1956   BUY
  Six Worlds Yonder   Eric Frank Russell   Ace   1958   BUY
  Space Plague (Highways in Hiding)   George O. Smith   Avon   1956   BUY
  Space Station #1   Frank Belknap Long   Ace   1957   BUY
  Space Tug   Murray Leinster   Pocket Books   1955   BUY
  The Space Willies   Eric Frank Russell   Ace   1958   BUY
  Star Bridge   Jack Williamson and James E. Gunn  Ace   1955   BUY
  Star Gate   Andre Norton   Ace   1958   BUY
  The Star of Life   Edmond Hamilton   Crest   1959   BUY
  STAR Science Fiction Stories No. 3   Frederik Pohl   Ballantine   1954   BUY
  Star Short Novels   Frederik Pohl   Ballantine   1954   BUY
  Star Ways   Poul Anderson   Ace   1956   BUY
  Starburst   Alfred Bester   Signet   1958   BUY
  Starhaven   Robert Silverberg   Ace   1958   BUY
  The Stars Are Ours   Andre Norton   Ace   1954   BUY
  The Sun Smasher   Edmond Hamilton   Ace   1959   BUY
  The Syndic   C.M. Kornbluth   Bantam   1955   BUY
  Takeoff   C.M. Kornbluth   Pennant   1953   BUY
  Tales of Outer Space   Donald A. Wollheim   Ace   1954   BUY
  Third from the Sun   Richard Matheson   Bantam   1955   BUY
  This Fortress World   James E. Gunn   Ace   1957   BUY
  Time and Again   Clifford D. Simak   Ace   1951   BUY
  Tomorrow Times Seven   Frederik Pohl   Ballantine   1959   BUY
  Tomorrow's Gift   Edmund Cooper   Ballantine   1958   BUY
  The Transposed Man   Dwight V. Swain   Ace   1955   BUY
  Vanguard from Alpha   Brian Aldiss   Ace   1959   BUY
  Voodoo Planet   Andre Norton   Ace   1959   BUY
  Waldo: Genius In Orbit (Waldo and Magic, Inc.)   Robert A. Heinlein   Avon   1958   BUY
  War With The Newts   Karel Capek   Bantam   1955   BUY
  The Weapon Makers   A.E. Van Vogt   Ace   1952   BUY
  Who Goes There? And Other Stories   John W. Campbell, Jr.   Dell   1955   BUY
  Who Speaks of Conquest?   Lan Wright   Ace   1957   BUY
  Who?   Algis Budrys   Pyramid   1958   BUY
  Worlds Apart   J.T. McIntosh   Avon   1954   BUY
  Worlds Without End   Clifford D. Simak   Belmont   1956   BUY
  Year of Consent   Kendell Foster Crossen   Dell   1954   BUY

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