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Some of the best stories in science fiction history have been written in the short story form. Anyone who has only read novel-length sf is missing out on some of the best that sf has to offer. If you are just getting into sf and particularly the golden age, short-story anthologies are great places to start.

Paperback anthologies of science fiction stories started gaining in popularity during the 1940s, and by the 1950s and 60s were a staple of the science fiction scene. Dating back to the late 1920s, most of the short stories written appeared in monthly magazines devoted to science fiction. In their heyday, there were dozens of these monthly magazines producing thousands of stories each year, and, because of its popularity, science fiction frequently appeared in many non-sf publications as well.

As an example of the volume of stories being published toward the end of the sf magazine boom, see Judith Merril's SF The Year's Greatest Science-Fiction and Fantasy Third Annual Volume which collected stories from 1957 (the year of Sputnik) and 1958. The book itself only had room for 18 stories and articles — Merril's choices for the best of the year — but Merril also included her Honorable Mentions, a list that contains 90 stories from 74 different authors published in two dozen different publications. That must have been some year! In contrast, just over a half-century later, there are only three sf-specific story magazines left that publish, at best, 4-5 stories a month.

Fortunately, there are many great anthologies from the good-old-days floating around used book stores and other outlets that have captured and collected many of the best of the golden age sf short stories. Presented here are the anthologies from our collection:

SF Anthology List

  Book Title   Cover Artist   Publisher   Year    
  The 1977 Annual World's Best SF   Jack Gaughan   DAW   1977   BUY
  The 1984 Annual World's Best SF   Vincent Di Fate   DAW   1984   BUY
  5 Galaxy Short Novels   Edward Valigursky   Perma   1960   BUY
  5 Tales From Tomorrow   unknown   Fawcett Crest   1957   BUY
  5 Unearthly Visions   unknown   Fawcett Gold Medal   1965   BUY
  The 6 Fingers of Time   Jack Faragasso   MacFadden   1969   BUY
  Adventures in the Far Future   Edward Valigursky   Ace   1954   BUY
  Adventures in Time and Space   Charles Binger   Pennant   1954   BUY
  Adventures on Other Planets   Edward Valigursky   Ace   1955   BUY
  Alien Earth and Other Stories   Jack Faragasso   MacFadden   1969   BUY
  The Astounding Science Fiction Anthology   Richard Powers   Berkley   1964   BUY
  Astounding Tales of Space and Time   Paul Lehr   Berkley   1964   BUY
  The Best From Fantasy and Science Fiction Fifth Series   unknown   Ace   1968   BUY
  The Best From Fantasy and Science Fiction Sixth Series   Edward Valigursky   Ace   1957   BUY
  Beyond Belief   Denny McMaims   Scholastic Book Services   1966   BUY
  The Big Book of Science Fiction   unknown   Berkley   1964   BUY
  Bodyguard   Richard Powers   Perma   1962   BUY
  BR-R-R-!   unknown   Avon   1959   BUY
  The Coming of the Robots   unknown   Collier   1963   BUY
  Contact   unknown   Paperback Library   1963   BUY
  The Earth in Peril   Ed Emshwiller   Ace   1957   BUY
  The Fifth Galaxy Reader   unknown   Pocket Books   1963   BUY
  50 Short Science Fiction Tales   Don Punchatz   Collier   1997   BUY
  The Fourth Galaxy Reader   Richard Powers   Perma   1960   BUY
  Frontiers In Space   unknown   Bantam   1955   BUY
  Great Stories of Space Travel   unknown   Tempo   1963   BUY
  The Hidden Planet   Ed Emshwiller   Ace   1959   BUY
  Invaders of Earth   Morton Roberts   Pocket Books   1955   BUY
  MAD in Orbit   Kelly Freas   Signet   1962   BUY
  Men Against The Stars   Mel Hunter   Pyramid   1963   BUY
  The Metal Smile   unknown   Belmont   1968   BUY
  Mind Partner and 8 Other Novelets from Galaxy   unknown   Perma   1961   BUY
  More Adventures In Time And Space   unknown   Bantam   1955   BUY
  More Adventures On Other Planets   Richard Powers   Ace   1963   BUY
  New Worlds of Fantasy   Kelly Freas   Ace   1967   BUY
  Now & Beyond   unknown   Belmont   1965   BUY
  The Other Side of the Moon   unknown   Berkley   1949   BUY
  Other Worlds, Other Times   Jack Faragasso   MacFadden   1969   BUY
  The Outer Reaches   unknown   Berkley   1951   BUY
  Possible Worlds of Science Fiction   unknown   Berkley   1955   BUY
  Possible Worlds of Science Fiction   Richard Powers   Berkley   1960   BUY
  Rare Science Fiction   unknown   Belmont   1964   BUY
  Rulers of Men   Jack Gaughan   Pyramid   1965   BUY
  Science Fiction Omnibus   Richard Powers   Berkley   1963   BUY
  Science-Fiction Thinking Machines   Richard Powers   Bantam   1955   BUY
  SF The Year's Greatest Science-Fiction and Fantasy   Richard Powers   Dell   1958   BUY
  SF The Year's Greatest Science-Fiction and Fantasy   Richard Powers   Dell   1956   BUY
  The Shape of Things   Eugene Berman   Popular Library   1965   BUY
  Sometime, Never   unknown   Ballantine   1962   BUY
  Soviet Science Fiction   Don Punchatz   Collier   1971   BUY
  Space, Time & Crime   unknown   Paperback Library   1968   BUY
  Spectrum 3   unknown   Berkley Medallion   1965   BUY
  STAR Science Fiction Stories No. 2   unknown   Ballantine   1962   BUY
  STAR Science Fiction Stories No. 3   Richard Powers   Ballantine   1954   BUY
  Star Short Novels   unknown   Ballantine   1954   BUY
  Star Short Novels   Richard Powers   Ballantine   1963   BUY
  Tales of Outer Space   Mort Lawrence   Ace   1954   BUY
  The Third Galaxy Reader   Bob Abbett   Perma   1960   BUY
  Time Probe: The Sciences in Science Fiction   Paul Lehr   Dell   1967   BUY
  The Unexpected   John Schoenherr   Pyramid   1961   BUY
  The Unknown 5   John Schoenherr   Pyramid   1964   BUY
  The Weird Ones   unknown   Belmont   1962   BUY
  The World That Couldn't Be   unknown   Perma   1961   BUY
  World's Best Science Fiction 1967   Jack Gaughan   Ace   1967   BUY
  Worlds of When   John Schoenherr   Pyramid   1962   BUY

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