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MAD in Orbit

Edited by Albert B. Feldstein

Cover artist: Kelly Freas

Publisher: Signet

Pub year: 1962

Cover price: 75¢


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Take a "way-out" look at our "square" world!

Join Mad in Orbit and explore some amazing modern phenomena like:

The ballyhooed launchings of Madison Ave. Ad Campaigns that never get off the ground!

The process of lift-off used by salesman and retailers on the top of your pocketbook.

The state of weightlessness of the campaign Promises made by Political Candidates

The millions of luminous particles on your Television Set Screens that are passed off as Entertainment

The sudden loss of communication between the Slick Magazines and their Bored-To-Death Readers

The suc-sex-ful re-entry procedure employed by Frantic Hollywood to get you back into their empty theaters

Rush this Mad capsule back to your pad — enjoy some hilarious take-offs — and join Mad in Orbit

You'll end up at sea, in need of emergency rescue work!

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