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  Adventures on Other Planets   Donald A. Wollheim   Ace   1955   BUY
  Beyond Belief   Richard J. Hurley   Scholastic Book Services   1966   BUY
  The Big Book of Science Fiction   Groff Conklin   Berkley   1964   BUY
  Children of the Lens   E.E. "Doc" Smith   Pyramid   1966   BUY
  Collision Course   Robert Silverberg   Ace   1961   BUY
  Contraband Rocket   Lee Correy   Ace   1956   BUY
  Destination: Universe   A.E. Van Vogt   Signet   1958   BUY
  Doomsday on Ajiat   Neil R. Jones   Ace   1968   BUY
  The Earth Gods Are Coming   Kenneth Bulmer   Ace   1960   BUY
  The Falling Torch   Algis Budrys   Pyramid   1964   BUY
  The First Men In The Moon   H.G. Wells   Ballantine   1964   BUY
  First on the Moon   Hugh Walters   Tempo   1966   BUY
  Five Against Arlane   Tom Purdom   Ace   1967   BUY
  From the Earth to the Moon   Jules Verne   Scholastic Book Services   1965   BUY
  From the Earth to the Moon   Jules Verne   Crest   1958   BUY
  Lost in Space   George O. Smith   Ace   1960   BUY
  Masters of the Vortex   E.E. "Doc" Smith   Pyramid   1968   BUY
  The Mutant Weapon   Murray Leinster   Ace   1959   BUY
  One in 300   J.T. McIntosh   Ace   1954   BUY
  The Outlaws of Mars   Otis Adelbert Kline   Ace   1961   BUY
  Planet Big Zero   Franklin Hadley   Monarch   1964   BUY
  The Plot Against Earth   Calvin M. Knox   Ace   1959   BUY
  The Prodigal Sun   Philip E. High   Ace   1964   BUY
  The Repairmen of Cyclops   John Brunner   Ace   1965   BUY
  S.O.S. From Three Worlds   Murray Leinster   Ace   1966   BUY
  Search the Sky   Frederik Pohl and C.M. Kornbluth  Ballantine   1954   BUY
  Second Stage Lensmen   E.E. "Doc" Smith   Pyramid   1970   BUY
  The Secret of Saturn's Rings   Donald A. Wollheim   Paperback Library   1966   BUY
  SF The Year's Greatest Science-Fiction and Fantasy   Judith Merril   Dell   1958   BUY
  The Skylark of Space   E.E. "Doc" Smith   Pyramid   1968   BUY
  Space Lords   Cordwainer Smith   Pyramid   1965   BUY
  Space Tug   Murray Leinster   Belmont   1968   BUY
  Space Tug   Murray Leinster   Pocket Books   1955   BUY
  Space War   Neil R. Jones   Ace   1967   BUY
  The Star Kings   Edmond Hamilton   Paperback Library   1967   BUY
  Starburst   Alfred Bester   Signet   1958   BUY
  Starman Jones   Robert A. Heinlein   Dell   1968   BUY
  Step to the Stars   Lester del Rey   Paperback Library   1966   BUY
  The Super Barbarians   John Brunner   Ace   1962   BUY
  Supermind   A.E. Van Vogt   DAW   1977   BUY
  Tales of Outer Space   Donald A. Wollheim   Ace   1954   BUY
  Time and Again   Clifford D. Simak   Ace   1951   BUY
  Twin Worlds   Neil R. Jones   Ace   1967   BUY
  World's Best Science Fiction 1967   Donald A. Wollheim and Terry Carr   Ace   1967   BUY

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